No Attitude, No Entry, No Gender.

He likes her, she likes him? This is reality or the dream finally come true? The idea  is to ensure maximum freedom for all, both men and women, and the opportunity to finally express really through fashion his own being. Then…Women Look Up! The wardrobe for this Fall Winter is Genderless. No excess, no label, the gender is free. A combination of style, a fusion of neutral & unisex style towards a new asexual way of being. Continua a leggere “No Attitude, No Entry, No Gender.”

Brit – Hits

Stand in front of the house where Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull lived, peek in an apartment without curtains and see an original Andy Warhol picture on the wall, walk in the same street where Mary Quant showed her miniskirt in the early sixties. So, buy a baguette where Annie Lennox working to finance her career, hunting for antiques in the markets of the city, on Saturday morning, and admire the pastel-colored houses. But also, walking only to see hats shops, enjoy the magic of an ancient square or the quiet of one of Europe’s largest terraces. This is London of the great classics, the London of which much has already been written and that many know and love, both for what it is famous, and it is for that which is still unknown.  Continua a leggere “Brit – Hits”

Summer vibes.

You know when you bisque your feet in the sand? When summer is crispy like a biscuit. Soft like a bubble. Dreamin’ like a cloud over head. Too much sugary or childhood, not care. Indeed. It’s time to say goodbye to color block, neon and fluo nuance. Dare to color your outfit : a lavender top, a blue-green skirt or a salmon belt can give a different touch to your look, just enough to look like a perfect avant-garde trend-setter.  Continua a leggere “Summer vibes.”

The New Basic.

More is more. Don’t be afraid of layering! Ripped up all the rulebooks, from street style to catwalks, with new fresh ideas and details, Total Denim is the new must of season! A real love declaration for the most versatile tissue of times. The fabric that before was a work uniform is ennobled and becomes the testing for the brand, ideal for all occasions. From light, flared and vintage 70’s one to the contemporary blue jeans. The only limit? Denim total look. Continua a leggere “The New Basic.”